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Course Success Bundle
As creators, we can’t control how those who purchase our course will show up.

However, we can control how we show up and honor our original commitment to support them to the best of our abilities.

How do we do that?

By providing them with a great experience.

One that will encourage them to either:
1) make it to the finish line of your course or
2) come back to do so when they are ready

Both, leading to higher success rates for our course members.
Now, I get that all of that ^^^^ sounds great.

I also know that it can feel like A LOT to put together.

How to start them off on the right foot, when to check in, what to keep say to keep them on track, etc.

It’s also why I’ve created this Course Success bundle - packed with templates and swipes to take your buyers from purchase all the way through to completion of your course.

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